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01. 21. 22 10:00 PM

I feel very lucky to have made “rapunzel” with my friends. I can’t thank them enough for bringing these songs to life with their hard work and imagination. 

I recorded this project over a period of two years (between 2019 and 2021) , mostly in my bedroom and Frankie’s garage. When i recorded “double take”, the first song I released, it’s safe to say i had no idea what i was doing.

Through this process, i’ve learnt more about myself personally and musically than i thought possible. at the same time, i feel very comfortable knowing that i still have a lot of growing to do. for me, this project is really a celebration of progress.

I always say this, but the biggest thanks goes to you for listening and for being so patient. It really means a lot that you stuck around. I can’t wait to show you the music i’ve been making recently and to hopefully continue doing things at a bigger scale.

Today strangely feels like day 1